Celebration of Easter Activity in Great Britain

Easter Activity

After Christmas, the second largest religious event of the year in Great Britain is Easter, even for people who don’t celebrate Easter as a religious celebration, this is an important time of the year when the date changes every year but always coincides with the start of spring.

Easter Activity in Great Britain

In this article you will learn about Easter Activity and how it is celebrated how many chocolate eggs are eaten at UK at Easter we will show you the answer.

At Easter we give each other eggs which symbolize the resurrection of Jesus Christ’s new life after his current crucifixion. The tradition to begin with is the giving of bird eggs that are painted in bright colors.

Now we give each other chocolate eggs and especially to children who often have more chocolate in the popular activity at Easter is to have an easter egg hunt.

Small eggs are given in a usually garden area or public place like school and then people try to find the eggs- they can be real, boiled and painted eggs or small brown eggs that the school will keep.

There are many events and competitions related to Easter and one of the most famous is the Easter hood parade as this hat is decorated with Easter related decorations such as chicken eggs and bunnies.

There is an egg rolling competition where boiled eggs are located slide down a slide or hill and the egg that moves the farthest without breaking wins is also an egg decorating competition.

On Christmas day there is Santa who brings gifts, but on Easter the Easter Bunny brings eggs, chocolate figures in the shape of a bunny are a popular gift at Easter along with traditional eggs and nowadays

I’ll give you the answer to the previous quiz, how many chocolate eggs are eaten in England at Easter?

About 80 million eggs are eaten by the British at Easter. This is particularly impressive for a country of only 63 million people.


Celebration of Easter Activity in Great Britain

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